Episode 9

Published on:

17th Jul 2023

Dr. Mia Kirk -Educator and Researcher on Black Teacher Affinity Groups

Join in as we talk to Dr. Mia Kirk and dive into her extensive research and dissertation on education from the views of African American/Black teachers and their experiences with รง. An amazing person, inside and out, who strives for the betterment of education for all people of color teachers and students. Having an amazing start through the love of music. It's not an understatement to say that Dr. Kirk is an high value and established researcher. Backed by not only educational degrees from Harvard and Teachers College of Columbia University, with years of hands of experience, Dr. Mia Kirk takes us on a detailed look into her professional research and studies she has done in education, specifically to help and empower teachers of color, but also bring forth attention to diversity and unspoken issues in educational work spaces.

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